3 Best Seedr Alternatives in 2023 to Download Stuff Safely and Anonymously

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Are you looking for the best Seedr alternatives? You have come to the right place.

Seedr is one of the most popular torrent downloader. Once you create an account at Seedr, it let's you download the file from your link and uses it's own cloud to add files directly from the internet to your account.

However, Seedr is not the only downloader available to you. There are many other popular alternatives that you may want to try if you're not happy with the services of Seedr.

Before I tell you more about some of the best and popular alternatives to Seedr, let's learn more about the features of Seedr and what it does best and when you should look for its alternatives.

Seedr Review


You can use Seedr 

With just a couple of steps, Seedr let you download your stuff without using your internet connection.

  • Paste a link from another website
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Download & Stream on any device

It has free as well as premium options for users to get their downloads.

Under free account you get 5 GB of storage. You can use Seedr website or its chrome extension.

The Seedr Chrome extension has been used by 40000 users and has an average rating 4.4 out of 5.

Seedr Chrome Extension

Once the extension is added in your Chrome browser, you can add links to the Seedr service directly. Once you download your stuff, you can access them anywhere - your personal desktop computer, mobile phone and even on your TV.

Though Seedr doesn't have a separate mobile app, its website is mobile responsive enough to let you use it seamlessly on your mobile devices and tablets.

If you have worries about downloading files on internet, Seedr gets you covered by encrypting traffic with AES-256 bit encryption plus a scan of your files for possible virus threats.

However, you need a premium account to get both these security features.

Seedr's free account with 5GB of storage would be more than enough for occasional users. But users looking for more storage can upgrade to any of the following three paid plans:

  • Basic 30 GB - If you are a casual user looking to get some downloads every month, Basic Plan would be perfect for you. It lets you download stuff up to 30 GB in storage.
  • Pro 100 GB - Pro Plan is the most popular offering by Seedr. Under this plan, you get up to 100 GB of storage which I think would be perfect for most users.
  • Master 1 TB - If you're a heavy user, that download stuffs almost every day, go for the Master Plan. With 1TB of storage, you would never run out of space.

3 Best Seedr Alternatives in 2023

1. FileStream

FileStream Downloader

Number one Seedr alternative is the very popular download manager FileStream.

Like Seedr, it lets you download torrents, magnets, video and audio files from the Internet and store it in its private cloud storage.

It also supports more than 900 popular media sites.

While Seedr gives you just 5GB of storage under the free plan, at FileStream you get a whopping 200 GB in the free plan.

FileStream also allows you to transcode your downloaded files and stream media. Which means that your downloads are easily accessible to your smartphone, tablet, PC, TV or any DLNA or Apple AirPlay compatible devices.

All your downloads at FileStream stay anonymous. No need to use any VPN software. Thus, your privacy concern are also taken care of.

Plus if your ISP place any restriction on downloads, you can easily bypass with FileStream.

FileStream offers both the free as well as paid plans.

Following are the features and benefits under the FREE Plan:

  • 200 GB storage space
  • Maximum file size limited up to 50 MB
  • Ability to upload private torrent file and download the content
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Hide your IP and stay anonymous
  • SSL encryption
  • 3 days file storage time
  • No dedicated servers

For casual users, free account is the best. At 200 GB, you get ample storage to download files for your occasional needs.

However, if you need to store your files for a longer period of time with more storage space, you may like to consider upgrading to paid plans that starts at $2.45 per month.

FileStream has the following paid plans - Bronze ($2.45/mo), Iron ($3.5/mo), Silver ($4.55/mo) and Gold ($6.65/mo).

Premium plans offers the following features and benefits:

  • Includes all the features of free plan
  • Storage space starts from 500 GB (Bronze plan) and goes up to 1 TB (Gold plan)
  • Maximum file size starts from 2.5 GB (Bronze plan) and goes up to 100 GB (Gold plan)
  • Dedicated servers to provide maximum download speed
  • Download up to 10 files simultaneously into the cloud
  • Easily stream your audio and video files to your phone, tablet, PC or TV or watch them directly in your browser
  • Downloads from services providing premium content

Get started with FileStream today.

2. ZbigZ

Zbigz Torrent Downloader

ZbigZ is one of the best alternative to Seedr. It works similar to Seedr and let you download your content anonymously so no one would be able to know your actual IP.

Another wonderful feature of ZbigZ is its ability to let you download your stuff even if your desktop PC or laptop is locked by your ISP or your system administrator.

So there is no network or system restriction while using ZbigZ. Plus you're not required to download and install any software.

You can access ZbigZ on your web browser. Once you're inside ZbigZ, just paste the link to your torrent on the site and download it. You can also upload torrent-file from your computer to download it.

ZbigZ is a freemium product. If you're an occasional user, you can register and create your account for free.

Free account has the following features and benefits:

  • Download files despite your ISP's restrictions
  • Download resume
  • Video & Music streaming
  • Maximum download speed of 150 KBps limit
  • Maximum size of files is limited up to 100 MB

Free account has certain limitations like number of downloads, speed and file size. If you need more power to your account, you may consider upgrading your account.

ZbigZ Pricing & Plans

ZbigZ Premium plans start at $5.99 for 5 days, $9.9 for 1 month and goes up to $99.9 for one year.

Premium users get the following features and benefits:

  • Dedicated channels with full caching speed
  • No advertisements
  • Ability to save downloads directly into Google Drive
  • No limit on file storage size
  • No limit on download speed
  • No limit on size of files to be downloaded

Get started with ZbigZ today.

3. TorrentSafe

TorrentSafe Torrent Downloader

Third Seedr alternatives on our list is TorrentSafe. It is another very popular torrent downloader which is fast and provides private torrent downloading service that takes place in your browser without the need to download any software.

The only thing that you need to use TorrentSafe is the torrent link.

So, you just need to visit your favorite torrent site and find the torrent you would like to download. 

After you find the torrent you're searching for, copy the magnet or torrent link URL and paste it to TorrentSafe website and begin your download.

When you use a torrent client your IP is exposed and your real identity may be revealed.

However, TorrentSafe work similar to FileStream and ZbigZ in the sense that all your torrents files are downloaded anonymously without exposing your IP address.

Features and benefits under the FREE Plan:

  • 2 days file storage time
  • Maximum file size limited up to 1 GB
  • Download unlimited files each month
  • No account registration required
  • All torrent downloads are completely anonymous

If you're a light user, free plan is the way to go. TorrentSafe can be used on the web or you can install its extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Heavy users may consider upgrading to the following paid plans - Quarterly ($12.95 per quarter), Yearly ($2.99 per month) and 2 Year ($1.99 per month).

Premium plans offers the following features and benefits:

  • 7 days file storage time
  • No restriction on file size
  • Download unlimited files each month
  • No need to install any software
  • No need to enter your details. Only email address is required to access your account.
  • All torrent downloads are completely anonymous

Get started with TorrentSafe today.

Wrapping Up

These are three of my best alternatives to Seedr torrent downloader.

All the downloader covered in this article, provide anonymous downloads. So all your privacy concern are properly taken care of.

Free plan offered by these Seedr alternatives works best if you are not into downloading too much stuff online.

FileStream, I like the most, as you get 200 GB of storage space even under the free plan with unlimited monthly traffic and unlimited download speed.

If you need more downloads, subscribe to the paid plans offered by any of these top torrent downloader.

I would recommend you to try the free plans of all the downloader covered here before subscribing to the paid plans. It will allow you to check which downloader suits your requirement.

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